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Pierre Jeanneret - Authentic PJ-SI-13-A - Demountable Chair

We are proud to introduce our exquisite Demountable Chair, model no. PJ-SI-13-A. These iconic chairs are more than just furniture - they are pieces of history that exemplify innovation, adaptability, and Mid-Century Modern elegance, crafted by the visionary Pierre Jeanneret around 1955-1956.

The Demountable Chair's modular construction seamlessly blends into any space, creating a stylish ambiance that transcends time. Mid Century Modern design is reflected in the teak wood composition and clean lines of this piece, offering a timeless aesthetic that easily adapts to classic and contemporary interiors. Enjoy this unique opportunity to own an investment that celebrates Chandigarh's craftwork, heritage, and art of living.

Overall dimensions:
Height: 70,5 cm
Width: 47,5 cm
Length: 50 cm

Seat height: 42,5

Depending on your location there can be extra transportation costs.
Please contact us in advance if you would like to receive an exact quotation.

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