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Ō-Dome Philosophy

Our approach diverges from ostentation and opulence. Instead, we focus on crafting designs that are minimalist and enduring. Central to our philosophy is the meticulous use of natural, authentic, and noble materials. We invest time in contemplating proportions, lines, circulation, and other imperceptible elements that constitute the foundation of good design, contributing to a profound sense of well-being.

Though based in London, our design ethos resonates far beyond geographical boundaries. With strong affiliations in France, Israel, Switzerland, and Lithuania, our team's cultural diversity enriches our perspective. Fluent in five languages, we seamlessly communicate across borders, allowing us to undertake projects anywhere in the world.


Ō-Dome story 

Ō-dome is a celestial alignment and the meeting of two individuals. Derived from Japanese carpentry techniques, the name Ō-dome pays homage to the ō-dome - a method that crafts a mitred edge, exemplifying strength and delivering an exquisite appearance to the finished work.

At Ō-dome, our philosophy is intricately woven, mirroring the precision of the ō-dome edge. We embrace the art of detail in every facet of our work - where attention to detail becomes the cornerstone of our creations. Like the mitred edge, our philosophy stands on the pillars of meticulous execution, strength, and the pursuit of aesthetic excellence in every finished project.

The structure of the ō-dome edge not only signifies strength but also resembles a handshake - the symbol of partnership and collaboration. Our commitment to collaboration extends beyond our founders, permeating every client relationship we forge.



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